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26 Feb-2010
The meeting with John Key went ahead on Wednesday as arranged. We discussed the content of the Marchers statement and the surrounding issues with the Prime Minister. More detail will soon be added on our site, watch this space.

The Prime Minister's office has confirmed the new meeting date as 23 February, 2010, at which time the Marchers statement will be discussed as affirmed by the Marchers on 21 November. Details will be posted on the website after the meeting.

The Prime Minister's office has advised John Key will now meet with us early in 2010, with a date to be confirmed. This postponement of the meeting scheduled for 17 December is due to Mr Key's decision to attend the climate change summit in Copenhagen. Details will be posted on the website after the meeting.

If you were at the March, don't forget to return your card to continue to support the Marchers' statement. Alternatively, click the "join supporters" icon at the top right of the screen. Please also encourage family and friends to join Supporters of Democracy.

The Prime Minister's office has confirmed the meeting date as 17 December, 2009, at which time the Marchers' statement will be discussed as affirmed by the Marchers last Saturday. Details will be posted on the website after the meeting.

MARCH DAY. Thousands turned out today and marched for democracy. Speakers addressed the 3 referendum issues and called for Government to listen and act as the people wanted them to. The crowd overwhelming called for the marcher's statement to be presented to John Key.

Coverage of the March as well as interviews can be seen by clicking on this link

A lot of correspondence is being received about the herald article this morning that has labeled the March "Demanding the right to hit". Complaints can be made direct to the Herald Editor Tim Murphy:If making a complaint please copy the complaint to us here.

Update: 4pm- Herald acknowlodges the need to change heading, online article corrected and clarrification to be printed in tomorrows paper.

The Children's commissioner suggests parents should spend time with them on Saturday. We agree - bring all the family to March this Saturday. See the press release for Colin Craig's comment that "Parents know better than the Children's Commissioner".

Permit for the March issued and now in hand. We can still use more volunteers to help. Go to the volunteer page and be at the Cnr of Queen and Fort Street at 12:45pm this Saturday

The March announced today international musical talent that will be performing live at the March. See "press releases" under the "News" Tab for more details

At the press conference today it was announced that the proposer of the 99 MP's referendum Margaret Robertson will be attending the March along with Garth McVicar (Sensible Sentencing Trust) representing the Norm Withers Law and Order Referendum.

Radio advertising starts today with the "lets get a cup tea" ad. Listen to this under the media files option on the "News" tab.

News today that CYFS and the Police consider they are not being unfair to good parents in respect of enforcing the anti-smacking law. The government thought this might be comforting news. When asked about this March Organizer Colin Craig responded: "There is nothing comforting about the Government ignoring 87.4% of voters who want a law change. The final judge, being the voters of New Zealand, have already spoken and I would appreciate the government not wasting more taxpayer money trying to justify their refusal to honor the wish of the New Zealand people.
Respect the people, change the law"

The invitation flyer is now available as a download from the 7 things you can do page. You can email this to a friend and/or print this off and deliver it to homes in your area.

Television advertising starts today.
Ads also posted on YouTube. Check out the following links.
1st video
2nd video

Only 2 weeks to go till the March. The Traffic plan for the event approved. Don't forget to bring friends and family with you and carpool wherever possible.

Important updates to website completed including information on making banners. check out the banners page for details on how to make banners.

The March now has confirmation that the starting point for the event will be the bottom of Queen Street, Auckland City 1:30pm Saturday 21st November. Tell your friends and plan to be there.

TVNZ Breakfast Programme. Colin Craig spoke with Pippa Wetsell and Paul Henry on TVNZ's Breakfast programme this morning.
When questioned about his financial input into the march Mr Craig spoke of his belief in democracy as a system, one that has been hard won by soldiers of our past and fought for by our soldiers today in Afghanistan and other countries.
He acknowledged that the march is not really about the issue of the legalization of smacking as a form of parental correction but rather it is about the Government's lack of response to the sizeable 'clear voice' of New Zealand voters.
He quoted Sir Doug Graham, who initiated Citizenship Referenda, and who stated "we will rarely witness by Parliament the rejection of a referendum result."
These costs, said Mr Craig, were a more worthwhile investment than the luxury boat which he would now probably not be purchasing in his lifetime.

Press conference held today. Colin Craig, march organizer, spoke to the press about his passion for democracy and his disappointment in the Government response to the referendum result of late August this year.
In the referendum nearly 88% of the 1.6 million people who voted said 'no' when asked if it should be a crime to smack children "as part of good parenting".
After the referendum Prime Minister John Key said the law would not be changed.
"I find it deeply disturbing that such a clear message from the people of this country to government has been ignored." says Mr. Craig "My fore fathers fought for a democracy and in a democracy the government does not pass and retain laws that nearly 90% of the people don't want."
Mr. Bob McCoskrie of Family First said "This issue has gone beyond the debate about smacking it is now one of democracy"
The march will begin at the bottom of Queen Street on Saturday the 21st November at 1.30pm and will then head up to the Town Hall. It will be a family friendly event.

The first advertisement for the March published today (NZ Herald). Full details on the March will be released shortly. In the meantime if you are a supporter of democracy in New Zealand dont forget to leave a footprint on the Virtual March page.