The March For Democracy Conservative Party

7 things you can do

  1. Join SUPPORTERS OF DEMOCRACY through the following link. The greater our numbers the greater impact we can have nationwide.
  2. Make a decision to make a difference in this country by taking action.
  3. Invite friends, family and others to join SUPPORTERS OF DEMOCRACY. Contact people personally or invite them to join our Facebook group "Vote with Your Feet".
  4. Educate yourself on what is really happening (or is not happening) when it comes to the Government listening to the people of New Zealand. Read the articles on this website. See the results of past Citizens Initiated Referenda (here).
  5. Contact your local MP and make it clear that you want the government to act on the results of past Citizens Initiated Referendums.
  6. Volunteer to help. We need volunteers for all sorts of tasks (go to the contact us page to volunteer.)
  7. Leave your name and email address (along with your footprint) on the contact us page. This will enable us to update you on what happens after the event and what further action we are planning.